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Photo Requirements

High-quality custom posters need high-quality images to go into them — that's why we do not accept photos from cell phones, or the wallet-sized and 4" x 5" or 4" x 6" photos most people are familiar with. We also cannot use photos that are blurry (out of focus, or a small photo that has been enlarged too much) or very dark (underexposed) or very light (overexposed).

Here's what you can send:
5" x 7" and larger photo prints that are sharply-focused and properly exposed.

Digital photos that are at least 1,400 pixels x 1,000 pixels in dimension and at least 200 dots-per-inch in resolution.

Logo and Mascot images are commonly smaller than the sizes give above and that's usually Ok.

Things to keep in mind:
When mailing photo prints, it's best to sandwich the photos between cardboard to keep them flat.
For CDs and DVDs containing digital images, a padded envelope is good, cardboard as above is better.

Remember . . .

  • No cell phone photos.
  • No photo prints smaller than 5" x 7".
  • No digital camera photos smaller than 1,400 pixels x 1,000 pixels and 200 dots-per-inch.

If you are unsure about what any of these requirements mean, just ask me (Randy Edens) using our Contact Us form. I welcome any and all questions about our Custom Posters and will be happy to help you understand what is needed.

Getting Started and Terms

  • Just call Dr. David Davis at (713) 449-7474 or send him an email message at and let him know you are interested in a schedule poster for your team.
  • Send in your photos and payment.
  • After your photos have been accepted for use, Randy Edens will post a draft of your schedule poster in a private area of the website so that you can see what the poster will look like.
  • If changes are necessary he will post a second draft of the schedule poster for your approval.
  • No refunds are made once the first draft of the poster is displayed on the website.
  • The finished posters will be boxed and shipped to you.
  • Our normal turnaround time (payment received to shipping date) is two weeks, provided all of your photos are useable and the first draft of the poster is promptly accepted.